Our Story


Founded by lifelong Pacific Ocean connected watermen and multigenerational fishermen now dedicated to living in harmony with our local seas. Acting as ambassadors for the oceans we care deeply for is our means of protecting what matters to us and our families for generations to come. Prioritizing quality over quantity, we strive to work symbiotically with the ocean.

A vertical integration from the farm directly to restaurants and eventually direct to consumer. We pride ourselves as pioneers of Farm-to-Table ocean-raised fish using innovative open-ocean aquaculture under the brands OmegaBlue in the USA and OmegaAzul in Mexico.  The Omega Blue Standard(tm) ensures the utmost care is given to the environment, our employees and our partners.

Our fish are grown from eggs in the pristine waters of the Sea of Cortez near La Paz, Baja California and shipped to Los Angeles via refrigerated truck or air cargo. With satellite offices in Marina del Rey and Huntington Beach, while maintaining HACCP warehousing in San Pedro, we do restaurant-direct deliveries in Los Angeles and cargo forwarding to cities serviced directly via Alaska or Southwest Airlines.

In partnership with the environment, we are both farmers and fishermen,
evolving the model to provide the purest, most nutritious seafood,
for generations to come.

Boutique Quality

With a clean and balanced flavor, Baja Kanpachi is often enjoyed raw in crudo & sashimi preparations but due to the rich fat content it is incredibly versatile and nearly impossible to over cook!

Celebrated at farm-to-table concepts by some of the most renown Chefs in the world, Omega Blue Baja Kanpachi has a reputation as the cleanest fish in the Pacific, the best tasting Jack in the family and a favorite dish for grilling, searing, poaching, smoking, curing and raw presentations.

Farm-To-Table Distribution

Transparent. Reliable. Consistent. Professional.
Direct from the farm to restaurant distribution with consistent, year round availability. Currently 4 days per week we delivery whole fresh fish. No middlemen, no reseller markup. Our refrigerated van is on the road every morning before the sunrise to ensure prompt delivery to our restaurant clients throughout Southern California.

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Baja Kanpachi

Seriola Rivoliana, also known as the Almaco Jack or Pez Fuerte, is a species of fish found throughout the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean. Our Baja Kampachi are grown from the eggs of less than 100 local wild-caught fish in the crystal clear tropical waters of La Paz, Baja California. We never use antibiotics or terrestrial proteins.

Sustainably farmed.



    Baja Kanpachi is a clean fish free of antibiotics, hormones, or steroids. Unfortunately bioaccumulation of toxins from plastics, PCBS, and heavy metals such a Mercury has become a growing concern with seafood in many areas of the world. In the wild, heavy metals from industrial pollutants and agricultural runoff are acquired through the diet (i.e. by eating smaller fish with or mercury in them); whereas our Baja Kanpachi are fed nutritious, safe, pelleted feed that is mercury free. Learn More

  • No Antibiotics

    No antibiotics are used in the process of feeding or growing our fish. While it has become common practice for industrial scale operations to use antibiotics in the feed, our model of low-density farming in deep-water grow-out sites with high quality feed is 100% antibiotic free. We endeavor to follow a pasture-raised model of farming whereby we prioritize the quality of nutrition, cleanliness and open-space.


    Keep it natural. Baja Kanpachi is 100% non-GMO and native to the waters in which its raised – meaning no surprises for you, or the environment. Our Broodstock are locally sourced, wild genetic strains of Seriola rivoliana. There is no genetic tampering – our fish are 100% non-GMO. As Seriola rivoliana is native to the region its raised in, there is no threat of interbreeding or out-competing wild fish (should there ever be any escapes). We believe this to be the safest method of genetic sourcing when it comes to aquaculture.

Its All Connected

Baja Kanpachi™ is also healthy for what it doesn’t contain. Our farm site inside the Sea of Cortez was selected for is pristine environment, away from industrial pollutants and sheltered from the Pacific Gyre’s plastic currents. Furthermore a controlled diet of high quality MSC certified fishmeal ensures no detectable levels of accumulated toxins such as Plastics, PCBs or mercury in our fish. We do not use GMO brood fish, growth hormones or preventative antibiotics in the production of Baja Kanpachi™.


  • 18 Farm Employees
  • 40 Open-Ocean Acres
  • 100 Wild-Fish Caught
  • 5130069 Baja Kanpachi


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Open from Monday to Friday (closed on weekends and public holidays)

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